Some people think we’re burnt papers. Some people think we’re done. They’ve believed it for years… but life contradicts them!

Golden Dawn invites all the fighters of the People’s Nationalist Movement to rally. He invites them to thicken the ranks for the new course. A course clear, unaddy, proud, without compromises and retreats.

Golden Dawn informs its friends and fighters that the title of the Patriotic Alliance party was awarded by the Golden Dawn Central Committee in early 2004 to a specific person to be enshrined in the Supreme Court. This person, as Ethics and Law imposed returned the title where it belonged: Golden Dawn. This is for your information and to know that those who act in the name of this title do not have the legal right to do so.

Mistakes, of course, have been made and we recognize them. We’ve been eaten by a so-called policy…

Fortunately, however, we have caught up and fought back without selling out our souls and beliefs, and from now on we will fight for our Ideas and only for our Ideas. For Nationalism, for Race, for Social Justice.

Many questions and many will be answered on 18 March 2007. Targets will be set, a course will be set.

You all have a right and a duty to have an opinion. You have no right to be absent from the national invitation. Our country is in a difficult situation. It’s not going to be saved by the administrators and the politicians. The only ones who can save her are some burnt papers.