“Democracy” and Doecracy

“Democracy destroys itself, because it has destroyed the right, freedom and equality, because it has taught citizens to regard insolence as a right, the impudence of speech as equality and anarchy as bliss.”

If reading the above passage led your malicious mind to think that it refers to the Greek republic of 2007, then you are mistaken. The above passage belongs to the greatest orator of Antiquity, Isocrates, and was spoken 2,400 years ago. Any similarity of isokratic saying to the current political situation is purely coincidental…

So democracy… Democracy everywhere! Democracy for the hooded, democracy for the prezebors, democracy for the pedophiles, the perverts, the people, the people, the snatchers of public money, the trespassers and the minions of Judah. But when it comes to the Nationalists, the boundaries of “democracy” are exhausted.

Because everything and everything! Tolerance to the biological existence (!) of our fraud deniers, yes. But not to give them the right to speak. “No freedom to the enemies of freedom.” Is it no wonder that all kinds of leftists, anarchists, anti-fascists, anti-authoritarians and so on that this slogan, apart from themselves, has been adopted by all domestic and world power, solely for the supporters of our Ideas? But it’s only natural… Global Zionistism and “anti-fascists” have always marched hand in hand (where “fascism”: the self-evident struggle of nations to preserve their ethno-racial specificity and cultural traditions).

“The Athenian Republic was the dictatorship of fifty thousand citizen peers out of three million allies, settlers and slaves. For fifty years, 25,001 of these fifty thousand happened to be smart people. Biological phenomenon assansive and unrepeatable in history. But since the 25,001 smart ones became 24,999, the 25,001 idiots have brought Cleon, a man of their own measure, to the beginning, and democracy has regained its consistent selves.” This was what the late Karagatsis had written in the “Yellow Envelope” about that marginal phenomenon that occurred in the middle of the 5th century BC and which Thucydides described as “a man’s principle” (the embellished characterization of the dictatorship). And yet, from our birth, we are sucked into our minds by the fanfare of the “finished state” that “glorified” Ancient Greece and which reappeared in modern times in the form of Parliamentaryism. The fact that this state did not glorify, but rather destroyed Classical Hellenism, or that the present plutocratic oligarchy they represent has as much to do with Athenian democracy as the cannibals with culture, these are “fine print” for our “democrats”…

The funny thing about their “democracy” is that they don’t even keep up appearances. Three million signatures were collected by the Church for the identities (48% of the electorate) and the president of the “democracy” (call me Stephanopoulos) threw them in the toilet bowl of the presidential palace. 78% don’t like Hassan in our country (over 3,000,000 foreign invaders… Did you see Hassan?), but Pavlopoulos and his counterparts want to bring more and legitimize them quickly! 86% don’t want mongols in Europe, and our people are competing over who’s going to turn out to be more of a yusufaki than the other. We have the most inflated anti-Americanism on the planet, and our power functions as the White House annex to the Balkans. Well, yes, this is all democracy!!!

But let’s not throw it all at politicians, because they do their job. Written by “Freedom of Press” (28/2/07): “They grumble, but… Vote! Greeks have no confidence in the government (65%) and political parties (80%), according to the Eurobarometer. they elect the government with the highest percentages in all of Europe and have one of the lowest abstention rates from elections in all of Europe.

Because that’s who we are! A people of idle celebrations, who simply vote for those who make up our mirror: them in the image and likeness of our national selves… The Great Pericles Giannopoulos had written exactly a century ago about the Greeks of his time: “To be the Tribe in the mess it is, it is obvious that today’s Greeks are the worst they have ever been.” Today, all we have to do is add: “… After these people have reached these downs, then it is better to be lost forever than to be the laughing ground of the earth. For, it seems, God himself is sick of us.”

And in this decline, like torches lit, we, the Chrysanthemtes. FEAR and awe for the administrators of the misery of our people. Well, in this so “good” and “tolerant” democracy, we have only one way left: to be DEIMOCRATES! So, in their “democracy”…


*See: Personalization of terror, usually after fear of the same appearing. In the Iliad, both demon forces are presented, which terrify the warriors. Fear is called the dear son of Areos, and in other writers, simos, who is the son of Scylla (…).

Deimocracy: The Deimo State (=Power, Power, Power).

(Eleftheroudaki Encyclopedia)

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