‘Revolutionary’ Gymnastics and State Hypocrisy

“Just yesterday some people remembered that there are places sacred to the Fatherland…”

A title that some would describe as excessive. Let it be. But reality is as it describes. For him, of course, what happened yesterday in the established (by whom?) “pan-educational” rally. A sequence of tragic events that proved capable of “shaking” every sleeping defender of Marxist punk but also the disorienting hysteria of every populist politician or megajournalist-social instro, who only yesterday remembered that finally there are sacred spaces that represent the Fatherland and move the Greeks.

But let’s move on to that. Yesterday’s image of the punks who attacked a well-to-do outpost in Syntagma Square and what subsequently happened in the area cannot surprise us.

And he does not have that power because nothing has happened different from what we have been saying for so many years about the situation in which the nationalised mob has come and the fabricated view he has of our country. The stable National value, found in the hands of an anti-national regime, which every now and then proves that it has no sign of interest in it, subjecting it with indifference and abandonment to constant humiliations. Because how else could the move to abandon the modern Monument to the unknown fallen be characterized – which is “guarded” (and this was shown above) by the “presidential guard” of democracy – and the conscious and unacceptable defense of … Parliament? It seems that the pro-Patriarch and Values dead does not “count” in the face of the tyranny of parliamentary democracy. The security of the building-symbol of the conspiracy of three hundred tyrants of the Fatherland and abusers of the toil of the Greeks, seems to be above the scale of values than the values that are due to that Greek who preferred Heroism and Freedom…

Indeed, the assembled ephemeral “rebels” who proceeded undisturbed to vandalism, since they claim to oppose the exploitation of the Greek people, did not know that at the time when they were out of their way, in the House of Liars, the law that gave rise to their concentration was being passed? And what did they do about it if they didn’t perform the role they were given?

HG It is not, of course, any stranger to the attitude of some … far-right groups. Are the blinders you guys wearing that big? However, we cannot understand how it is possible to regard as defenders of Greece those who control the repressive forces and the organs of the …’class’ who cooperate in its humiliated and have often demonstrated their hostile attitude towards the Nationalists. If it is possible to “oil out” and “heroise” some just because they belong to the “patriotic” face of the regime of the anthelens and not to seek their great responsibilities for the constant humiliation of the Holy Symbols of the Nation.

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